For 6 months or so I have been having bible studies with members of the local Tucson Worldwide Missions Society Church of God.

There are some very sweet people in that church, I enjoyed getting to know them (Johnathan and Denise especially - awesome people).

I am relatively new to studying the Bible (maybe 2 years?), so I was very open to hear what their understanding of the Holy Book was: especially considering they believe themselves to be in the "one true church" through which salvation can be had.

The story is cleverly written, but something in me screams "OH HELL NO!" when it comes to worshipping a human woman as God, which when you get past the baby food to the "steak" is what's happening in there.

Me: .... "Uhm - that's a human woman, and you believe she's God?"...
Church: "Yes, because Revelation 22:17, Revelation 21:9-10, Galatians 4:26, Revelation 19:7, Zecheriah 14:8, and Ezekiel 47:1" and "ahnsanghong was the second coming christ who she is married to"......
Me: ....."I don't understand"....

I am actually quite disturbed since finding this out.
This is "idol worship".
The Biblical God hates idol worship.. yet this church is using (strange interpretations of) Biblical scriptures to support it.

I wish everyone in the world would READ THE BIBLE for yourself.. just give it an honest read, one time, cover to cover. Even if you are not sure what to believe about it. It is such a hugely influential book in this world, it deserves atleast that much from everyone. I have become rather fond of YHVH the biblical God: and his Christ as the promise to the ending of evil, and an establishment of peace on earth "with a rod of iron". If you are baffled how humans will ever get things straightened out before we annhialate all life on earth, Yashua ('jesus') is the answer. I know it sounds so silly " just believe in jesus ".. like some superstitious magical thinking .. it's not really like that though. The book simply proves that there is a true god-sent "messiah", and he is really is coming back to purify the world of all evil: psychopaths beware.
Info Sheet: World Mission Society Church Of God; AhnSahnHong; Zahng Gil Jah


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