Crochet Tutorial: Overlapping Pillow Case
Decorate any old dingy pillow with a beautiful crochet covering!

Very easy to do - you basically make a long strip of fabric 2.5 x the height of your pillow, and stitch the edges together to make an envelope....

2.5x length
Crochet a piece of fabric the same length as your pillow and 2.5 x the height. You can use virtually any stitch pattern - I used the "interlocking rows" stitch.
You want the fabric to fully wrap around the pillow then overlap by approximately 1/2 the height.
Once you have the correct size, sc around the side edge, the bottom edge, and other side edge of the fabric.
End off all yarns and weave in all ends.

placing marker
Wrap the fabric around the pillow, and put a marker in the stitch where the bottom edge will meet up with the side edge.

Remove the pillow, and fold the fabric how it will go when it's on the pillow, then sl st the edges together beginning at the marker. I like to do "sl st 1, ch 1" - it makes a prettier edging.
Repeat on the other side.

pillowcase button
Pop the pillow inside the case, and sew on a button.
Using the interlocking rows stitch, the last row conveniently had large spaces that made perfect button holes - but you can easily crochet on a button loop if needed.



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