Crochet Interlocking Rows Stitch Tutorial
This is a really neat stitch - makes a very interwoven fabric - so you can use a larger hook and still not have lots of holes. And it's so fun to play with the colors. You need atleast 3 colors, but can use as many as you want.

Written instructions below, as well as a video demonstration.

  1. Ch any even amount. Beg 2nd ch frm hk, sc across. Join 2nd color (pull through last 2 lps of last st)
  2. Ch 1. Turn. Sc 1. *Ch 1, sc 1* across. Join 3rd color.
  3. Ch 1. Turn. Sc 1. Dc into row 1 st below ch 1 sp (work over the prv row st - not in front of or behind). *Ch 1, sk dc, dc into st below ch 1 sp* across. Sc in last. Change color.
  4. Ch 1. Turn. *Ch 1, sk dc, Dc into st below ch 1 sp*. Sc in last. Change color.
Repeat until the last row.
  • Last row: Ch 1. Sc into ea dc and st below ch 1 sp across.
  • Border: *Ch 1, sc across* each edge.
[notes: you will change color at the end of every row in the same manner. Just pick up the color that is waiting for you there... every row begins and ends with sc. Always ch 1 to skip a dc. So if there is a dc after the first sc of the row, ch 1 after you make your sc. If there is a dc right before the last st of the row, ch 1 before you make the last sc]

Some projects I did using this stitch:


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