Justice Balance Scale
If the attorney general's office's calculations on the support you owe seem a bit off...

well I hope you first of all are keeping receipts of your payments, so you can prove them.
second of all..... if you can't afford a lawyer, or don't trust them,
Jurisdictionary helped me figure out how to operate in a court room to defend myself against ridiculous charges I didn't truly owe.

and also against a dishonest and manipulative ex attempting to paint false pictures in court to steal custody of a child against his best interests. didn't work, thanks to what I learned from Jurisdictionary

seriously, this course has been a life saver. the information is presented in an easy to learn way, in just a few hours you'll have a much better knowledge of court room mechanics than most people. The author of the course even claims the knowledge is even unknown to many lawyers - who go to law school for years and don't learn these very simple basic principles.

the course costs $249 for a year's access.
if you re-subscribe every year you get a major discount and it's kind of like keeping legal insurance.

If you do happen to sign up, I would appreciate if you include my referral code HS0033 so I get a bit of cash. ♥



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