I recently had an nteresting experience at Char's Thai on 5th st in Tucson, AZ:

We ordered over the phone and received the wrong dish (we ordered #73 and received #23). We called and were told we could come back to get a replacement dish. We went to pick it up, and were asked to bring back the old order. We went home and returned again with the old order. The staff opened the box and had a discussion which ended with "No, we can't sell that, throw it away". To top it all off, after all that trouble, we were charged a $1.50 price difference for the new food.

Apparently they re-sell food that is taken home and returned: I found that a bit shocking.
Is that illegal..?
And it was not pleasing to be charged extra after being put through so much inconvenience.
Also, the food is okay, but far from the best Thai food I've had. My favorite Thai dish is usually the cashew chicken (with tofu), but at this restaurant it tasted much different and not nearly as good as I'm used to.




Cults are such nasty things...

These people will be very nice to you, and act like they want to be your best friends and your new family, until you don't agree to worship a woman in South Korea as God. Then you are good as dead to them - actually worse, they assume you're going to Hell. I figure they are in Hell already, slaving their lives away making $ for these psychos in South Korea. It's really sad and gross.

Info Sheet: World Mission Society Church Of God; AhnSahnHong; Zahng Gil Jah
Pan Seared Lemon Pepper Broccoli
This is a super simple recipe, and really delicious. It has become my favorite way to eat broccoli. The 4th ave Food Conspiracy Co-op sometimes has it in their hot deli section.. not sure if my version is exactly the same but it's pretty good anyway.

  • Broccoli (chopped, 1 head fresh or 1 bag frozen)
  • 1 TBS fresh lemon juice
  • red pepper flakes (I use the little packets from pizza hut deliveries)
  • soy sauce (1 tsp or less).
  • sprinkle of sesame seeds

Pan sear the broccoli (cook it on medium heat, covered, on one side until browned, then stir and cook a bit longer to your satisfaction).
Transfer broccoli to a dish and add the other ingredients according to your taste.

Don't overdo the soy-sauce or you'll ruin it.

mooncake from Lee Lee's
I found these things called "Moon Cakes" at a local (Tucson) asian market called "Lee Lee's". I bought a couple varieties - some were more simple (just sweet and doughy), but these ones in the photo were quite a pleasant surprise - filled with an extravaganza of nuts and seeds and dried fruit.

Really neat and delicious... seriously one of the coolest things I have ever eaten. I bet it would be a fun thing to learn to bake and get creative with the ingredients!