You can make free bike tire patches at home - don't throw away those old tubes! Especially if you have a ton of goat heads in your yard and thus get frequent flats, like me :\
All you gotta do is cut out small circles or ovals (about the size of regular patches), rough them up, and stick them on the punctured tube with rubber cement.

Materials Required: old inner tube, scissors, sand paper, rubber cement.


1) Cut out a small section of the inner tube. Angle the scissors so that you can bevel the edges as you cut out a circular shape.

2) Rough up the surface of the patch as well as the inner tube you're going to stick it to.

3) Apply a thin coat of rubber cement to both surfaces. Stick them together and press and hold for atleast 30 seconds.

4) Allow it to dry for a few minutes before putting the inner tube back in the tire and pumping it up.

I made a bunch of these diy patches, and stuffed a few into an empty self-adhesive patch kit box to keep with my bike. (I highly recommend the self-adhesive patches by the way, if you want to buy them - they work great in my experience and it's much easier than using glue)

So all in all, here is another very practical way to reuse old inner tubes!