Potato and Egg Breakfast Scramble
Simple & delicious, just the way I like it! This recipe makes enough for myself and 2 chihuahuas.

  • 1TBS olive oil
  • 1 Russet Potato
  •  2 Eggs
  • 1 TBS milk
  • Herbs (I use fresh lemon thyme, holy basil, and rosemary... a dried italian blend is also fine)
  • Shredded cheese
  • Salsa (fire roasted flavor recommended)
  • Salt

  • Add oil to pan over low-medium heat.
  • Dice potato, add to pan.
  • While potato cooks, whisk together the 2 eggs in a bowl with the milk.
  • Cut up your herbs if you are using fresh.
  • When the potatos are cooked to satisfaction, add in the eggs and herbs, and scramble it all together until the eggs are done.
  • Transfer to a bowl, and add the cheese, salsa and salt to taste.

Dig in and enjoy!





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