Then that God is the Truth.

and truth is a sharp two edged sword: the greatest danger to your egoic head, and the only way home.

I recently had an nteresting experience at Char's Thai on 5th st in Tucson, AZ:

We ordered over the phone and received the wrong dish (we ordered #73 and received #23). We called and were told we could come back to get a replacement dish. We went to pick it up, and were asked to bring back the old order. We went home and returned again with the old order. The staff opened the box and had a discussion which ended with "No, we can't sell that, throw it away". To top it all off, after all that trouble, we were charged a $1.50 price difference for the new food.

Apparently they re-sell food that is taken home and returned: I found that a bit shocking.
Is that illegal..?
And it was not pleasing to be charged extra after being put through so much inconvenience.
Also, the food is okay, but far from the best Thai food I've had. My favorite Thai dish is usually the cashew chicken (with tofu), but at this restaurant it tasted much different and not nearly as good as I'm used to.