This could be made using many kinds of rope, I chose to use a crocheted Romanian Lace Cord.
Step 1: Locate a rope, or crochet a cord, length depends on size you want. These are the size results I came up with:
24 inch cord creates a collar which adjusts from 9 inches to 16 inches
30 inch cord creates a collar which adjusts from 13 inches to 21 inches
36 inch cord creates a collar which adjusts from 15 inches to 26 inches
..that ought to cover most dogs.

If you use a crocheted cord, leave long ends to use for sewing later.

Step 2: Tie the adjustable knots. Tighten them so that there is a little resistance to them sliding - you don't want it to adjust too easily.
sew on ring
Step 3: Sew a ring onto one end.

securing knot
Step 4: Sew thread through knot back and forth to secure (so it doesn't come untied) - being careful to NOT sew the knot to the rope disabling it from sliding!

Step 5: Repeat sewing for other knot... and that's it!
ps: this could also be made for cats..
This cord is attractive, thick and strong, simple & easy to do!
This technique makes a round crocheted cord which looks like a knitted I-Cord, but it is made with a crochet hook. You can make it as thick as you want by using 2 or more strands of yarn held together, and using any hook size desired.
i-cord 1
1) Ch 2. Pull up loop in 2nd ch from hook.

i-cord 2
2) Remove hook from first loop (pinching the loop between your fingers so that it doesn't come loose). Yo, draw loop through the loop remaining on hk.

i-cord 3
3) Re-insert hook into first loop, yo, draw loop through.

i-cord 4
4) Repeat row 2 instructions

i-cord 5
5) Repeat row 3 instructions

6- ) Continue to repeat steps 2 and 3 until the cord is the length you desire. Finish by drawing a loop through both loops; end off.
Being a perfectionist, I don't like the little "nubs" left after making a regular sl st join, so I devised the following method to make joins virtually "invisible":
Single Crochet (SC) Invisible Join:

Cut the yarn and pull the end all the way up through the center of the last sc. Use a yarn needle to weave the end under the 2nd st over, then back down through the center of the last sc (see pic)

Slip Stitch (Sl St) Invisible Join:

Cut the yarn and pull the end all the way through the last sl st made. Use a yarn needle to weave the end under the sl st you are joining to, and back down through the center of the last sl st (see pic)

I remember in Robert Monroe's books about his out-of-body explorations (don't remember which book - "Journeys out of Body" or "Ultimate Journey"), he visited a possible future for humanity/earth - which I thought was so beautiful. There weren't very many humans, only a few. Viewing the earth from above, there were some beautiful arrangements of trees/plants - like ornate gardens, but most of the earth looked natural and wild. The humans were found sitting up against trees in a state of rest most of the time - they only awoke and acted when they had a function to perform in the "garden".

I found that to be such a beautiful picture. Sounds like the Garden of Eden, really.
However, the movie Mr. Nobody made a really good point about the beauty of birth, mortality and death - I highly recommend that movie as well.

Check out "Back to Eden" - a short yet beautifully inspiring documentary about a man in Washington who discovered the wonderful benefits of using wood chips as mulch, and his religious realizations which go along with that discovery.

The reason I love permaculture - not only does it encompass the solutions to our modern ecological problems, it is laying the groundwork for reestablishing paradise on earth - I do believe the inspiration is heaven sent <3.


"to work in the world is hard; to refrain from all unnecessary work is even harder" - Nisargadatta